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Service that focuses on doing a Health Check, determining the cause and performance problems of existing applications and databases. The objective is to provide solutions to improve the performance of the system operation applying best practices and standard methodologies.


Activities to be carried out:


  • Resource containment
  • SQL statements that cause excessive consumption of resources.
  • Application tuning
  • Instance setting (memory, CPU).
  • Database design, partitions, indexes.
  • Database storage configuration and access patterns.
  • Access to the application to the database.


At Strategy & Synergy we have certified consultants and experts to manage databases in your company, remotely or on-site. We advise on design and architecture, applying preventive tasks and continuous improvement on processes to guarantee the stabilization of services.

We guarantee optimal performance through the reorganization of storage structures, according to needs and using all the features offered by the Oracle engine .


Certified Human Team


We have the best certified human team and with the best practices in the market to take responsibility for the administration, maintenance, management and support of your mission critical infrastructure, with processes, focused on aligning your services with the needs of your business.



We have the highest technological standards including structuring processes for the planning, analysis, design, and development of new software products. 

We provide services and solutions to companies in the Telecommunications, Real Sector, Utilities, Banking, Industry, and Government sectors. 

Our goal is to provide high-quality services that exceed the expectations of our clients.


Web Development


We handle all disciplines involved in creating technological solutions to run within a browser; Applications that runs on the web and are accessed through the browser. We have experts in Front-end, in the field of the client in the web, and Back-end, in the field of the server, where the technologies and languages ​​are directly related to the operating system.


Mobile Development


We deploy computer applications designed to run on wireless computing devices, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. We develop solutions for different distribution platforms or through the companies that own mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

DR.LINE -> Telemedicine App.

Is a mobile application specialized in medical services, designed to satisfy the need for immediate medical guidance, without having to go to offices, clinics and hospitals. It is focused in the care of appointments that does not require physical interaction and provide timely solutions to patients to determine if it requires face-to-face care in a health center or hospital entity.